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Principal Deputy Director Bill Woolf Speaks at the Alabama State Victim Assistance Academy

Office for Victims of Crime Principal Deputy Director Bill Woolf spoke at the Alabama State Victim Assistance Academy, hosted by the Alabama Attorney General’s Office. This event provided comprehensive training to approximately 130 victim service providers from Alabama.

On behalf of Director Hart, Principal Deputy Director Woolf expressed his gratitude for the hard work and dedication of Alabama’s victim service providers while facing the challenges of serving victims of crime during a pandemic and the surge in lawlessness and violence in a number of America’s cities. 

He states “we have an Attorney General in Bill Barr who understands what we’re up against. He is fighting to keep our communities safe, and he’s eager to give our victim service providers and law enforcement professionals the resources they need to protect the innocent.”

Read the Principal Deputy Director’s remarks to learn more about the commitment of the Office for Victims of Crime and the Department of Justice to help ensure services and support for victims across Alabama and the Nation.

Date Created: August 24, 2020