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Linking Systems of Care for Children and Youth

Linking Systems of Care for Children and Youth is a multi-site demonstration project funded designed to—

  • reach underserved children, youth, and families in Illinois, Montana, Ohio, and Virginia who are victims of crime;
  • provide and coordinate trauma-informed prevention and intervention services, and build communities' capacity to meet victims' immediate and ongoing needs over their life span;
  • maximize the collective impact of linked systems of care through communication, collaboration, and coordination;
  • provide information to caregivers, service providers, policymakers, and other stakeholders on the most effective and holistic strategies and programs; and
  • empower youth and their families to make informed decisions about accessing services, support, and community-based programs.

This project's “no wrong door” approach ensures that victims of crime are able to access the full range of services at various entry points in a timely manner.

Visit the recently launched Linking Systems of Care for Children and Youth project website. Find a collection of publications and videos on serving child and youth victims of violence.

The site also features a Linking Systems of Care Toolkit to help your community replicate the process of linking systems of care.

(Posted March 5, 2019)

Date Created: November 13, 2019