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Responding to Elder Abuse: What Law Enforcement Should Know (DVD)

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August 2010
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This DVD, produced by the Office for Victims of Crime, highlights what law enforcement officers can do when responding to situations of alleged elder abuse.
This DVD is intended for use by law enforcement officers responding to situations of suspected or alleged elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation in private residences, nursing homes, or other long-term care facilities. The first section of the video describes the different types of elder abuse that can be found in any situation and discusses how to determine whether abuse has occurred and who the perpetrator is. Different types of elder abuse include financial, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. The next section of the video discusses how to respond to allegations of elder abuse in residential facilities. Suggestions are provided on what to look for in terms of physical abuse, how to determine who the perpetrator/s is/are, and how to respond to family members who have reported the allegations. This section is followed by information on how to interview elderly victims, how to document suspected cases of elder abuse, and how to obtain information while maintaining the health and safety of the victim. The final section of the video deals with the need for working within and among different agencies to determine whether abuse has occurred and for finding solutions to the problem.

Date Published: August 1, 2010