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The Vicarious Trauma Toolkit: Tools For EMS

The Vicarious Trauma Toolkit includes tools and resources tailored specifically to the fields of victim services, emergency medical services, fire services, law enforcement, and other allied professionals, to help organizations mitigate the potentially negative effects of vicarious trauma, the exposure to the traumatic experiences of other people. For more information, visit https://vtt.ovc.ojp.gov/.

KAREN OWENS: In order to maintain EMS providers, to keep them in the field, we have to take care of them. Leadership is recognizing it, but they're still looking for ways to pull focus to it, to take the stigma out of it, make sure people understand it's okay to need help. Whether they have nothing and they're looking to start a system from the ground up or they have a foundation and they're looking to strengthen it, our hope is that this toolkit will give them everything they need.

Date Created: March 5, 2020