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The Vicarious Trauma Toolkit: Tools For Fire Services

The Vicarious Trauma Toolkit includes tools and resources tailored specifically to the fields of victim services, emergency medical services, fire services, law enforcement, and other allied professionals, to help organizations mitigate the potentially negative effects of vicarious trauma, the exposure to the traumatic experiences of other people. For more information, visit https://vtt.ovc.ojp.gov/.

SHAWN S. KELLEY: In 1985, I had a SIDS call--a little girl that wasn't breathing. Started doing CPR, and the only thing I saw was my daughter's face. When I got back to the fire station, just sat down on the back tailboard of a fire truck and just lost it and couldn't understand why, and it deeply affected me. I learned back then, fortunately, to not let accumulative stress--all the various incidents that you run, all the things you're exposed to--build up, but to talk about it and to use the tools that were given to me back then to help deal with... with the stress.

Date Created: March 5, 2020