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2020 NCVRW Theme Video Clip

The theme for 2020 National Crime Victims Rights' Week is Seek Justice | Ensure Victims' Rights | Inspire Hope. This year's theme commemorates the individuals and groups whose advocacy has propelled the victims' rights movement forward for the past half century, inspiring in victims and their loved ones a feeling of hope for progress, justice, and healing.

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CAROLINE HUFFAKER, VICTIM SERVICES COORDINATOR, CHATTANOOGA POLICE DEPARTMENT: Justice for a victim can be everything from a guilty verdict to feeling heard and valued.

DAVID RODDY, CHIEF OF POLICE, CHATTANOOGA POLICE DEPARTMENT: It's taking the time to listen to what the victim's needs are, and making sure that we can help the individuals that have suffered violence, suffered a tragedy, suffered a crime—that we help them heal.

GRETCHEN MORRIS, RED CLIFF BAND OF LAKE SUPERIOR CHIPPEWA, DIRECTOR, RED CLIFF BAND INDIAN CHILD WELFARE: Seeking justice is ensuring that the victim is protected and that they're safe, especially when they're being removed from a traumatic situation.

BROOKS DOUGLASS, FORMER STATE SENATOR OF OKLAHOMA, PRESIDENT, DOUGLASS HOUSE: People that work in the criminal justice system, they understand that the rights of victims are there; they are the bedrock that tells the world this is what victims need.

WOMAN: Do you have a court date coming up?

MERRY O'BRIEN, MSW, ELDER JUSTICE COORDINATOR, NETWORK FOR VICTIM RECOVERY OF DC: Ensuring that victims have those rights and that they're respected and treated with dignity throughout the entire process is really crucial.

GRETCHEN MORRIS: Everyone has the right to heal and to create a story that is filled with hope.

Date Created: June 17, 2020