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Now Accepting National Crime Victims’ Service Awards Nominations

The prestigious National Crime Victims’ Service Awards recognize individuals, organizations, teams, and programs that demonstrate outstanding achievements or extraordinary acts in support of victims and survivors and expand access to justice across all communities.

Submit your nominations under one of the categories listed below. 

National Crime Victim Service Award

This award recognizes programs and individuals whose work has been particularly noteworthy, and who exemplify the long-term commitment that characterizes many in the victim services field, some of whom are also victims of crime.

Allied Professional Award

This award recognizes an individual, team, or program from a specific discipline that works alongside the victim assistance field including, but not limited to, health care, education, legal, social work, and first responder communities (e.g., law enforcement, emergency services, firefighters, and rescue professions) for their contributions to the crime victims field or extraordinary acts of valor in support of crime victims.

Survivor Voices Award

This award recognizes crime victims and survivors whose perseverance or determination in the aftermath of a victimization was the catalyst for—

  • implementing an innovative program, 
  • shifting an existing program in a new direction, or 
  • changing policies or practices that prevent survivors from accessing services or pursuing justice. 

Building Knowledge Through Research Award

This award recognizes individual researchers or research teams that made a significant contribution to the Nation's understanding of crime victim issues. 

Tomorrow’s Leader Award

This award seeks to honor and highlight youth up to age 24 who have dedicated their efforts to supporting victims of crime. 

Submit Your Nominations

Nominations are due by 11:59 p.m. eastern time on Thursday, August 1, 2024. 

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Date Published: June 25, 2024