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Exploring the Rapid Re-housing (RRH) Model as an Innovative Strategy to Address Homelessness among LGBTQ+ Young Adults

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LGBTQ+ young adults are overrepresented among young people experiencing homelessness and housing instability in the United States. Rapid Re-housing (RRH) is an innovative solution to homelessness designed to help individuals and families quickly exit homelessness and return to permanent housing. It is offered without preconditions and the resources and services that are provided are typically tailored to the unique needs of the household.

This webinar spotlights an agency that has fully implemented RRH for LGBTQ+ young adults as part of their services to explore how the RRH program promotes safe, accessible, and stable housing for this population. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the core components of the RRH program, the challenges and successes encountered, and the impact of the program on the outcomes of young adults. The LGBT Center of Central PA will also share their path to implementation, discuss some of the nuts and bolts of how their program operates (including how they address intersectional issues), and respond to questions from webinar participants. 

Date Created: August 22, 2023