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Submission and Acceptance Criteria


All events submitted to the calendar must focus on topics and issues related to the crime victim service field such as crime victim assistance, crime victim compensation, or victim advocate training. Approval for inclusion in the calendar is dependent on the accuracy and comprehensiveness of content, timeliness of submission, and relevance to the crime victims field.

Events must be open to the general public and be fully or partially sponsored by a local, tribal, state, or federal government agency or nonprofit organization, or supported via public donations. Commercial events will be considered on an individual basis. Fundraisers (e.g., bake sales) will not be included.

Additional information, including web addresses and event details, is preferred. All events must focus on issues of interest to the crime victims field; however, events may also feature information about other criminal justice topics.

Contact the OVC Resource Center if you have questions at:

Phone: 800–851–3420 or 202–836–6998
TTY: 301–240–6310
Email: [email protected]

Date Created: May 28, 2020