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The Last Solution to the Problem: Children, Self-Harm, Suicide and Trauma

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An adage that is tragically true is that from the perspective of the person attempting it, suicide is a “solution” to a problem. 

This webinar will focus on how a person, specifically a child, can get from point A to point Z, and see this “solution” as a viable one from their perspective. 

Topics such as how traumatic stress factors into this (conservative estimates in the scientific literature show that just by addressing trauma you may be able to catch a minimum of half of all your suicide attempters), the relation between self-harm (e.g., “cutting”) and suicide, as well as evidence-based treatments and approaches to this grim topic will be covered. 

The goal of this webinar is to understand how a person arrives at this “solution” so that it can be prevented.

Date Created: December 15, 2023