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Making Meaning Out of the Mess: Being Well on the Other Side of Violence

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Event Dates

P.O. Box 1949
Everett, WA

Through authentic conversation, the facilitator will share their professional knowledge and expert-by-experience wisdom on surviving, and eventually thriving, after violent crime. In this interactive workshop, participants will explore restorative practices and mindfulness techniques such as guided meditation, breathwork, and journaling – all ways that can support us in regaining balance and wholeness in our lives. There will be dedicated time for facilitated reflection on what helped and hurt our hearts throughout our ever-evolving healing journeys. Participants will have the opportunity to share and learn from a community of other beings who are also doing their best to make meaning out of the mess that crime leaves behind. 

***Please note that this workshop is for victims of crime only, not for professionals working with victims of crime unless you are both. Thank you for understanding!

Date Created: April 9, 2024