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OVC FY 16 A Pathway to Justice, Healing and Hope: Addressing Polyvictimization in a Family Justice Center Setting Demonstration Initiative

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OVC will make awards under two purpose areas to develop a special polyvictimization initiative within Family Justice Centers (FJC) and other co-located domestic violence and sexual assault service centers. Under Purpose Area #1, OVC will make up to six awards of up to $666,666 each to demonstration sites to create and offer a specialized polyvictimization screening tool for both adults and children receiving services at the FJC followed by the provision of the wide range of services needed to address a survivor's full history of current and past traumas. The initiative may require the identification of new on-site and/or off-site partners to deliver the full range of services needed. Under Purpose Area #2, OVC will make one award of up to $1 million to an organization to provide comprehensive technical assistance to the demonstration sites. Applicants are urged to begin in advance of the June 27, 2016, deadline.


Number of Awards: 7
Total Amount Awarded: $4,939,017

Date Created: May 12, 2016