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OVC FY 17 Vision 21: Integrated Services for Victims Program: Increasing Access to Mental Health Services for Victims of Crime

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OVC seeks to bridge the divide between crime victims, victim service providers, and mental health service providers so communities are able to create a seamless network of services to assist victims. OVC anticipates making awards under five purpose areas (PAs). PA 1 aids victim services providers properly identify crime victims who may be exhibiting signs of suicidality, refer them to mental health services, and support their access to such services. PA 2 will fund direct services (2A) and TTA (2B) to increase the capacity of victim and mental health service providers to provide mental health services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault who also have a severe mental illness. PA 3 will fund direct services (3A) and TTA (3B) to increase access to mental health services for traditionally underserved victims. See pp. 15-16 for updated applicant eligibility information for PAs 2A and 3A, and p. 22 for updated performance measures for PA 3A. Apply by August 10, 2017.


Number of Awards: 9
Total Amount Awarded: $3,681,451

Date Created: June 27, 2017