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OVC FY 2020 Linking Services for Children and Youth Statewide Project Invitation to Apply

Opportunity ID
Solicitation Status
Fiscal Year
Closing Date
Posting Date
This program will invite 2 applicants, the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority and the Ohio Attorney General's Office to implementation of strategies to the enduring issue of child and youth victimization by bringing together all of the relevant systems and professionals to establish a seamless coordinated approach. The goal of this coordinated approach is to ensure that every child and youth who interfaces with these systems-e.g., child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health, education-is assessed for victimization, is provided timely and comprehensive services to fully address their needs, and that practices and policies are established to sustain this approach long term.


Number of Awards: 2
Total Amount Awarded: $2,000,000

Date Created: May 4, 2020