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Improve Your Forensic Medical Response to Sexual Assault Survivors

Announcing the new Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examination (SAMFE) Virtual Practicum, an interactive training that—

  • teaches each step of a victim-centered medical forensic examination,
  • shows how the evidence is analyzed in the crime lab, and
  • prepares professionals to testify in court.

This on-demand training takes place in a virtual facility, with lessons taught by leading experts.

Through patient simulations and hands-on activities, the program covers a wide variety of topics, including—

  • medical/forensic history taking,
  • physical head-to-toe examination,
  • evidence collection,
  • medical/forensic documentation,
  • crime lab analysis, and
  • courtroom testimony.

In the clinical rooms, learners practice skills to care for patients from different populations, including transgender patients, older adults, adolescents, cisgender males, and incarcerated patients.

A tool for multidisciplinary teams, the SAMFE Virtual Practicum shows professionals in action, illustrating how an effective, trauma-informed response to sexual assault requires everyone working together.

Access the SAMFE Virtual Practicum

The SAMFE Virtual Practicum was developed by End Violence Against Women International, in partnership with the Office on Violence Against Women, the Academy of Forensic Nursing, and the International Association of Forensic Nurses.

Date Published: May 10, 2022