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Learn About Department of Justice Efforts to Combat Elder Fraud and Abuse

The recently released 2022 Annual Report to Congress on Department of Justice Activities to Combat Elder Fraud and Abuse highlights the Department’s efforts to—

  • prosecute those who harm older adults,
  • support victims,
  • bolster state and local efforts to pursue elder justice, and
  • prevent elder fraud and abuse before it occurs.

The report features a message from OVC Director Kristina Rose encouraging professionals to form partnerships and collaborations to improve services for victims of elder fraud and abuse. One way OVC is supporting these efforts is through the newly funded National Elder Justice Coalition Center.

The Center will—

  • support the development of new state and Tribal elder justice coalitions;
  • offer ongoing training and technical assistance to new and existing coalitions; and
  • serve as a clearinghouse for resources and information.

Learn more about OVC and other Department of Justice efforts to support justice for older Americans.

Read the report

Date Published: October 19, 2022