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In Honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Supporting Survivors at the Intersections of Mental Health and Substance Use

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Being abused by an intimate partner can have traumatic mental health and substance use effects, while at the same time creating barriers to sources of safety and support. Advocates and survivors have shared how existing behavioral health (i.e., mental health and/or substance use) resources are often hard to access and not responsive to the unique realities faced by survivors and their families.

The National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma, and Mental Health has been developing a suite of resources in response to feedback from survivors, advocates, and others in the field who participated in listening sessions or a survey in late 2022. This webinar will share new and forthcoming tools to support survivors, advocates, behavioral health providers, and organizations in talking about mental health and substance use coercion, identifying resources, building cross-referrals, supporting collaboration, and increasing safe access to affirming services.

Date Created: October 4, 2023