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Incorporating Victim Services Into Agency Responses and Practices

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Opportunities to connect crime victims to specialized personnel and services are being missed. Join Office for Victims of Crime Fellow Amy Durall and Caroline Huffaker, Senior Program Manager at the National Policing Institute for this discussion on law enforcement-based victim services.

Incorporating law enforcement-based victim services can help promote victim-centered, trauma-informed practices throughout the agency and the community it serves. Victim services personnel can provide a wide range of services that align with the responsibilities of sworn personnel. Collaborative responses can encourage ongoing engagement of victims and co-victims and help them navigate multiple complex systems to meet their needs.

Information from this webinar can help participants assess the impact of agency practices on victims and co-victims in the following areas—

  • victims’ rights;
  • initial contact;
  • investigative interviews and actions;
  • records, documentation, and case status; and
  • media involvement.

Date Created: July 19, 2023