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Understanding the Dynamics and Tactics of Intimate Partner Violence through the Lens of Indigenous Survivors

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Advocacy for survivors of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) requires an understanding of the dynamics and tactics of IPV. This understanding is also necessary for advocacy for social change to end domestic violence.

This webinar will provide an overview of the root causes of domestic violence in Indigenous communities. It will also explain the dynamics and tactics of IPV from a survivor’s perspective.

Highlighted in this webinar is the importance of traditional, cultural practices in strengthening and building our capacity to provide effective, respectful advocacy with our relatives surviving IPV and other forms of domestic violence.

This webinar seeks to bring light to the experiences of survivors and clarify the priorities and role of advocates from an Indigenous, grassroots standpoint. The National Indigenous Women's Resource Center's Training and Technical Assistance Team will also be live in the chat and Q&A at the end of the pre-webinar recording.

Date Created: October 4, 2023